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Customized headhunting

Bespoke headhunting provides direct search service which is client-driven and com­mitted to true diversity.

Direct search and recruiting is the found­ation of our business. We seek to under­stand each cli­ent’s stra­tegic goals, the spe­cific roles and com­pet­encies needed to meet those goals, and the culture that new exec­utives need to embody.

We assemble the right team.

We draw on our high-level pro­fes­sional net­works, industry know­ledge and research resources to identify the right people.

We take a broad, cre­ative approach to identi­fying potential can­didates. We evaluate can­didates against both what your needs are and what success looks like across your industry. During the interview stage, we gather feedback and manage can­didate expect­a­tions - serving as your trusted advisor throughout the entire recruitment process.

Through com­petency inter­views, assess­ments, ref­er­ences and our deep market know­ledge, we evaluate, identify and then recruit the right leaders who have the attributes your company needs.

We cherish longstanding relations with our clients and develop a deep understanding of their needs.

We serve our clients across all pos­i­tions. We work closely with our clients to develop high quality job spe­cific­a­tions, conduct thorough screenings and then lead rig­orous inter­views which assess both com­pet­ences and cul­tural fit, providing ref­erence checking if required. Only can­didates who fully match the job spe­cific­ation are presented and we remain available for our clients throughout salary nego­ti­ations and the on-boarding process.

Start your journey to the next level


We believe in a genuine approach to diversity and inclusion, giving our clients’ the strongest com­pet­itive advantage as our exper­ience shows that dif­ferent people fit dif­ferent firms.

Headhunting key personnel

We flexibly use dif­ferent methods and partners in the search process as needed. Modern recruitment is inter­active and cooperative.

Corporate culture research

At the beginning of the search project, we do a cor­porate culture research. This also helps increase diversity in the company.

Personal assessments

We trust Master Finland Oy´s MPA- Master Person Ana­lysis and ACE- Adjustable Com­petence Eval­u­ation. We also do skill testing according to each role.

Hundreds of successful recruitments and many happy customers